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Let’s go big !

Great news. Within a month, we are re-launching with a custom domain and many useful features.

It’s true that, the activity was too low, here. It’s because, we’re currently giving our final exams and will be free by March 24th.

We are excited as much as you are !

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Vijayendra Mohanty (@Vimoh), The First TwitterGuru

We love twitter here and some guys over there, launched something called ‘iTwote‘.

Our first campaign is for the most popular twitter user from India and we call him TwitterGuru. And by popular, we do not mean the user with the most tweets, but rather the one who’s so popular on twitter, that everyone loves him.

And the First Twitter Guru is Vijayendra Mohanty (aka @vimoh). He has won the voting with a margin of 7 votes. Joyful Congrats, to you, Vimoh 🙂

Vimoh’s Bio (written by himself)

My name is Vijayendra Mohanty. But I like to think I am more than just a name. I have been a copywriter and a journalist and I know I am none of those things either.

I was born and brought up in a town called Cuttack in Orissa and have walked this Earth for 25 years. I have lived in Assam, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. How does all this matter?

I have studied in schools and under teachers well qualified, subjects such as literature, history, political science, logic, and economics. But there were others who did the same.

I am a Hindu and an agnostic (yes it is possible to be both at the same time) but those labels don’t help much. I like to mull matters related to faith, inspiration, and God and happiness. I write stories sometimes (http://www.mypajama.com). But I am sure there are many people who must do that too, so there goes that angle.

I have, in my time, been angry, sad, poisonous and vengeful. I have wallowed in self-pity and I have judged. I have also loved and tried to be kind. I have learnt to forgive and I have learnt to say ‘thank you’. But I just might as well be describing you with all this.

I am the thinker of thoughts that choose me. I am the teller of stories that make me their teller. I am, otherwise, just a name, just a body, and a lot of labels.

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India on the Moon. ISRO does it.

With utmost precision right from the launch to the Moon Impact Probe event, ISRO proved to the world, the self-reliance of India in the field of Space Research. Not even a single thing had gone wrong in the way. Everything was pixel perfect and followed the pre-planned script.

And thus, INDIA is on the moon. While this calls for a celebration, we should congratulate the dear, great and knowledgeable scientists who worked for years for this accomplishment. Sadly, I haven’t got all of their names, else, would’ve given personal congrats.

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Nirmal T.V. gets 3000 subscribers !!

Life Rocks 2.0 is a weblog authored by Nirmal. There you can find articles on latest technologies, Internet, Blogging Tips, Softwares and freeware reviews, Mobile phones tips and reviews, Windows Vista tips, Firefox and much more. Life Rocks started its journey back in October 2005 on blogger platform until it moved to own domain in March 2007.

And now, the blog has got 3000 RSS Subscribers !! Congrats, Nirmal.

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Come, Make A Difference !

We congratulate MakeADifference (M.A.D.) for being one of the 15 finalish from over 500 submission from all over the world. At the same time, we urge you to cast your valuable votes in favour of them.

Make A Difference (M.A.D) is a youth volunteer network that currently functions in the three Indian cities of Cochin, Pune and Chennai. 312 volunteers teach more than 1200 underprivileged kids English and computer skills in these three cities to enable them to have better career prospects and a worthy life.
These children live in street shelters and orphanages. Without proper guidance, their lives will go astray. MAD makes sure that they have the proper life skills to make it in life. Then MAD tries to get them placed at jobs where they can live to their potential and induced aspiration.

Vote for M.A.D.

Vote for M.A.D.


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Kunal Gautam is now a ‘Respected Sir’ !!

My friend, Kunal Gautam is very happy that he was able to fulfil one of his dreams : to deliver a lecture in a college. Now, he had done that, in his very own college, where he spent some years.

He’s a Red Hat Certified Engineer and an expert in Linux. He surprises all of us with his wacky scripts and cool mashups.

And, here we are, sharing the joy of fulfilling a dream with, Mr. Kunal Gautam.

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