So, we get the First Congrats !!

‘We’ are two school students in their last year at school. Set out this venture as we felt the urge to congratulate and motivate those who do nice and good things, which could be anything. If you want to be part of this and would like to contribute to this extremely positive zone, jump in and send us a mail at or

So, the first congrats is to ourselves on starting this. YAY!!



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5 responses to “So, we get the First Congrats !!

  1. Ben

    CONGRATS ! for making such a different idea live..

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Ben 🙂

  3. congrats for the good things…not everyday does someone want to stop and admire all the good things…lol

  4. Jerin

    Congrats aravi and arun…

    for u r new ideas…

    may u become motivations
    for many people who do gud things without many knowing ’em…

    congrats… again

  5. KRIZ

    Dudes this is an absolutely awesome idea..
    keep up the gud work
    small things like this can make a big change
    i am totally down wid this..
    total uncensored support
    (i wanted to use the f word but the idea of the sight stops me)
    see u guyz made me do a good thing already…


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