Team BlogDesignStudio

Heartfelt congrats fly out to Mr. Mayank Gupta and his team over at BlogDesignStudio who won a design contest worth $1000 and free hosting conducted by LunarPages WebHosting. He’s been a good friend of mine and a nice blogger. The success of BlogDesignStudio comes from the fact that he values his readers and aims at providing his readers/clients with great information/details told in a simple and analytical manner. Congrats to Team BlogDesignStudio.

How Many Octobers Are There? (by jaycoxfilm)



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So, we get the First Congrats !!

‘We’ are two school students in their last year at school. Set out this venture as we felt the urge to congratulate and motivate those who do nice and good things, which could be anything. If you want to be part of this and would like to contribute to this extremely positive zone, jump in and send us a mail at or

So, the first congrats is to ourselves on starting this. YAY!!


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